Take Me Out to the Ballgame

There are 30 major league baseball stadiums in the United States. Couple that with thousands of lower level teams and their own stadiums across the country, and you have quite the chorus. Every team and every stadium has its own traditions and practices, but there's at least one that they all have in common: Take … Continue reading Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Cutting the Net: A College Basketball Tradition

If you ask anyone what it means to "cut the nets," nine out of 10 sports fans could tell you without even thinking. Just the phrase "cutting the net" has become so commonplace in college basketball that it's actually become a synonym for winning a championship. You win a championship, you cut the nets. You … Continue reading Cutting the Net: A College Basketball Tradition

The Lambeau Leap

When a tradition involves in-game celebrations, there's almost bound to be controversy and blurred lines surrounding what constitutes "excessive celebration," something that has definitely raised the most eyebrows in the National Football League. The Lambeau Leap is an exception to every rule imaginable. Invented in December 1993, the day after Christmas, the Lambeau Leap involves … Continue reading The Lambeau Leap

Running Down The Hill with Clemson Football

The Run Down The Hill is the first tradition we've looked at that actually happens entirely before the game starts. It's one of the most electric entrances in college football, affectionately dubbed "the most exciting 25 seconds in college football," and it's a big reason why Death Valley (Clemson Memorial Stadium) is always rocking at … Continue reading Running Down The Hill with Clemson Football